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The ongoing plight of the vulnerable residents in Hout Bay is a stark reminder of what is happening, not only throughout our country, but the world over. The massive uncertainty caused by the disruption of the planet due to the Covid-19 outbreak, continues to be a cause for great concern, especially when it comes to getting food to those in need.

The Courage Initiative has been working tirelessly since the beginning of this crisis and as a result is armed with the facts of what is going on in areas of vulnerability in Hout Bay. Our response is based on the facts, as we are on the ground every day both receiving and distributing food to those in need.  Courage has been working on expanding their circle of influence to as many able NGO’s and individuals with the aim of diminishing the circle of concern. This is what we are focused on as a group – reducing the circle of concern by expanding effective relief. To continue this amazing work, we need to continue to receive donations.  (see below bank details and snapscan for ease of sending us funds)

Courage has joined hands with so many amazing groups who are actioning the “on the ground’ logistics. Through this process it has been revealed that the Hout Bays’ people are fully invested in their community. There are NGO’s , youth programmes, cultural development groups, education, rehabilitation programs and so many more organisations invested in inspiring a better life for those less fortunate.

Today, we would like to pay tribute to the Basadi women and the Peace and Mediation Forum of Hangberg, who manage the logistics of getting food to residents every Friday. Lets also congratulate the passionate individuals, like Peter Michaels who reporting the real stories through Hout Bay Media  and showing us through his lens what we are managing to achieve.



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