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An Exhaustive Catalogue of Texts Dealing with The Orient (series) – Printing ink on Fabriano (Unframed) | Artist Kamyar Bineshtarigh – RESERVE R7,000 ( Value R7,000)

Winning Bid: R7,000.00

An Exhaustive Catalogue of Texts Dealing with The Orient (series) – Printing ink on Fabriano (Unframed) | Artist Kamyar Bineshtarigh

Item condition: New



About the artist:
Kamyar Bineshtarigh was born in 1996 in Semnan, Iran. He lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa, he graduated from Ruth Prowse School of Art in 2019 where he won the Ruth Prowse prize for the best body of practical work. Bineshtarigh works in a variety of media, most notably painting and video. His conceptual concerns range from language, communication and the practice of writing and transliteration to the movement, migration and displacement of human bodies. Many of his paintings feature aspects of Farsi script and calligraphy, these textual elements often either broken up into pieces or pared down to a single painterly gesture, drawing parallels between pages of text and groups of bodies through repetitive mark-making. Piece Name: An Exhaustive Catalogue of Texts Dealing with The Orient (series)

Piece Description: In this body of work, Bineshtarigh explored Edward W Said’s concept of Orientalism, using Said’s eponymous book (1978) as the source material. Passages from the book – originally published in English – are transliterated into the Farsi alphabet, changing not the words themselves, but the means through which they are visually represented. This utilisation of a script associated with “oriental” aesthetics (whilst the language itself remains English) becomes reflective of the text itself, in which Said troubles the Western view of “the orient” as an ontologically stagnant, homogeneous space outside of history. In many of Bineshtarigh’s paintings and drawings, he Farsi alphabet is deployed as a means of poetic obfuscation. In some paintings, textual characters are arranged on the canvas to form abstract images, whilst in others dense pieces of text are calligraphed onto sheets of glass which are then broken, negating the functionality of language and writing itself. Through this use of text, he draws attention not only to the aesthetics of alphabets – of text as a symbolic, representational tool but also to the superficiality and paternalistic romanticism of Orientalist and colonial imaginaries of the East.

Text by M Thesen Law

Piece Dimensions: 100*70cm Piece

Medium: Printing ink on Fabriano (Unframed)

Piece Value: R7 000.00

Percentage of sale going back to the artist: 40%

Artist : Kamyar Bineshtarigh

Artist Mobile: 0745795642

Artist e-mail address:
Instagram: @kamyar_bineshtarigh

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